Oso Farms Coffee

Costa Rican Coffee Grown with Care

Oso Farms coffee is single origin 100% Arabica bean, hand-picked on our family owned and operated farm in the mountains of southern Costa Rica. Our beans are shade grown at a high altitude, delicately micro-milled, and Yellow Honey processed. The result is a rich, velvety coffee retaining the natural fruitiness of the bean with muted acidity and lack of bitterness.

Growing the Coffee

Our mountainside rainforest creates the perfect environment for growing coffee. Short rain showers initiate the flowering of the plant, and days of sun develop the flowers into rich coffee fruit. The mountainside coffee fields provide good drainage while strategically planted shade trees control and slow down the maturing time of the fruit. This develops more flavor, aroma, and acidity in the profile of the bean.

Those same shade trees – mostly banana and plantain trees – also provide nutrients to the soil, which nourish the coffee plant. We also supply the coffee plants with organic fertilizer harvested directly from the ground of the neighboring rainforest. This fertilizer is mixed with other soil and ingredients, and fermented separately before we add it to the soil. This process is time consuming, but well worth the payoff in the quality of coffee plant produced.

Jenny Walking in Green Coffee Plants
Photo of coffee plant field in Costa Rica

Picking and Processing the Coffee

Native Chiriqui join us to live on the farm from October to December  to help us harvest the coffee. We focus on only picking the ripest red fruits, leaving behind the less desirable yellow and green fruits.

By carefully selecting only the ripe red coffee fruit, and milling them the same day before they start to spoil, we are able to peel the skin and leave most of the sweet ripe fruit intact on the bean to dry naturally on our raised African drying beds. This Yellow Honey process infuses the beans with the natural sweetness of its own fruit.

Green Fruit Starts to Ripen
Image of lots of beans, Yellow Honey Process Before Roasting