Costa Rican Coffee Grown with Care

What makes Oso Farms Coffee the best coffee most people have ever put to their lips?  It starts with our environment. Our coffee is grown at high altitude (1250 meters asl) in the largest mountain rainforest region of Costa Rica. The rich rainforest soil combined with pure mountain rain create a growth medium that is second to none.  

We take much pride in our protection of the pristine location of Oso Farms. With such things as our homemade organic fertilizer produced from microorganisms in our primary rainforest soil. Our wildlife protection plan includes interspersing numerous bird-attracting fruit trees among our coffee plants.  

The amount of shade that coffee grows under is directly related to the level and complexity of flavor and aroma that we enjoy in the cup. Few farms in the world can boast the amount of shade provided to Oso Farms coffee from our fruit trees, mountainside location, and cloudy rainforest environment.

Our environmental awareness starts with our land, and lives in our hearts. Jenny is a 4th generation Costa Rican coffee farmer and a founder of Oso Farms. Minor, a life-long Costa Rican coffee farmer, is our farm manager. We also take great pride in supporting a tribe of Chiriqui Indians who live and work with us during the harvest season.

The second part of how we are able to make the best coffee around is in the processing. It starts with our commitment to our employees. We go above and beyond fair trade practices by paying 50% more than they could make on other farms. In return we are rewarded with pickers that are committed to our standard of excellence who take the time to only select the ripest of fruits during each phase of harvest. By having only the sweetest red-ripe coffee cherries we are able to adjust our micro-mill to only remove the peel and leave the sweet fruit on the bean which is then air dried on our raised African beds. Our coffee never sits overnight, but is always spread out to dry before sun-up the morning after being picked.  

This is what defines our Yellow Honey style that amazes the most discerning connoisseur. Only the best micro-lots from each harvest earn the distinction to be called our single-origin estate grown coffee found in every bag that has the Oso Farms label.  Our coffee has cupped in the mid 80’s every year giving us the elite status of specialty grade coffee.

If this is not the best coffee you have ever had you will be given a full refund, no questions asked.  

Welcome to the Oso Farms family!